Monday, June 16, 2008

Junk #72

J.U.N.K. # 72

(Justinian's United Network for Kids)

The world is mine.

So I'm working at goodwill and the transportation manager comes to me and asks if I am afraid of birds, I reply with a chuckle that I am not. She then begins to explain that she is afraid of birds and there is one flying around her storage closet. I proceed to the storage closet where said bird is lurking and grab a broom to whisk it out with. after a min. or so I hear nor see any bird. She explains that she is not crazy and there is in fact a bird somewhere in the closet. It's a big closet by the by. Anyway, I finally hear some fluttering and find the bird. I attempt to whisk the bird out of the closet which probably was not the best of ideas since it would then just be caught in the warehouse. Failing to get it out with a broom I grab a nearby empty box and attempt to capture it within. After a few tries I finally get it in the box and walk out of the closet. The transportation manager sees me with the box and exclaims if I killed it, I of respond with a resounding no and proceed to take the bird in the box outside and let it go. It flies off into the distance and I get a warm feeling inside of a job well done. Not really a big tadoo but I thought it was neat.

So I have this interview almost set up with a school for an art teacher position. I really really want this job. I kinda fear by talking about it that I am jinxing myself and will not get it where-upon I will be somewhat depressed. Well we shall see.

Cramming my house into my apt has set me back a bit as far as working on my new website but after 8 more days I get four days off which I plan on getting a lot done. I have a lot of stuff I want to do in my head it's just between my house and work and stuff it's a bit slow going. Or at least in my perspective.

I'm not really sure of this because of the way I see things, not that I'm exceptional mind you, but I think artists definitely think differently. I see a lot of stuff that I would want to make art for but eventually my head gets so full of projects that I have to let a lot of stuff go. There just isn't enough time, or at least I don't schedule enough time to do it all. If I did I think I would be non-stop. I mean I would have to be a full time artist devoting ALL of my time to doing art with no time for anything else. There is so much I think about doing but I'm not sure if it's me or what that is keeping me from doing it. I am sure that most of this sounds a bit jibberish. Sometimes I gottta just talk with no sense. I have a lot of junk that I have kept that I want to use for things but I haven't done them yet. My chicken is getting cold. I'm waiting for Skye to come home. I'm just ramblin but that what this is for, at least one of the reasons why I write this. I mean I came home from work about six, checked my mail, did something personal, made some dinner, and now writting this. I wouldn't call it a waste of time. When Skye gets home I'll eat and play a game cause I thought it would be cool to set aside a night to play a game with my hun.

SO my job entails interviewing people, one of the questions in the form for the interview is: What is punctuality and what does it mean to you? I am always surprised that most of the people I interview have no idea what punctuality means. I'm not trying to say that I am better than anyone by any means its just that the lack of educated people I guess. I mean I see myself as an average person so when I come across this type of thing it makes me do a mental double take.

Another aspect of my job is we take community service, people that have some offense that they need to set right through labor. Anyway one of the people we had working at the end of his shift came to me to clock out and he shook my hand with a hug and told me I was a really good person. It was kinda strange because I hardly talked to the guy yet his words and action made me feel really good about myself. It also made me think of the people that work at goodwill and if he came across something in his experiences doing community service working here. In any case it made me feel nice which I thought was awsome of him to do.

Walking back from Wendy's to go back to work there was a ice cream van playing at the intersection. It wasn't playing the whole time, just when it got to the intersection. Hearing the music made me smile. I really hope that type of thing never dies out. Ice cream trucks I mean. When I was a kid visiting my grandma one of the things I remember as a constant when I was at my grandma's was the ice cream truck coming around and running at it to get some. Living at my house in Florida I saw a van turned into an ice cream truck which is pretty much the same thing. When I was in elementry school I remember going to a certain street corner to get italian ice or frozen lemonaide depending on the month. A staple of my childhood, one that I hope everyone gets to have in the future.

Not sure if I've mentioned this recently but my tolerance for people chewing with their mouth open whether it be food, gum, or what have you has dropped. I mean I sometimes talk with food in my mouth but that is a very different sound. For some reason it spells ignorance to me. Just a pet peeve I guess.

I now have an interview for the art teacher position. I really want this job. I think it would be really cool. I'm just afraid that my inexperience will be my downfall.

So I had the interview, I think it went well. The drive would force me to move. Anyway, I haven't heard back from them yet.

Today turned out nice. I slept in, made an appointment for an interview, I got to the interview very early, I saw a small park nearby so I stopped and walked around. Then I sat at one of the benches and read my book, I know this must seem rather boring but I thought it was nice. As I read a couple of people drove up, some got out with their kids, others stayed in the car eating their lunch. I sat there looking at the different people each sharing a moment with me in time. I started thinking of all the different people in the world. Everyone, every last person, and it made me think. I was curious who these people were why were they here with me at that moment. What if something happened, something that would force us to know a bit more about each other. As most of you know I got a fear of death. It's funny and I'm not sure if I've brought this up before, the thought of death was the only aspects that was philosophical in my thoughts for a long period of time. Those thoughts have moved from death to beginning then to reality and now the aspect of time is in my thoughts. Very premature, why the hell am I thinking about time, now? The death thing came in a bit soon as well.

Well after reading my book I went to the interview, went well I think but who knows. The job is at an ad agency thing kinda. I do think it's odd when the interview does not involve the explanation of what the job entails, specifically, not a bunch of words. Maybe I'm simple, in any case, if I get a second interview I'll get to see what the job is about.

Then I went to the movies and saw the Hulk, I really liked it. I could go into it but I think I would ramble too much. I'll just say it's about time marvel.

Ok, hope you kids are ok out there,